Yahoo Auction Japan

Yahoo Auction is the biggest on-line auction in Japan. It is set up for Japanese users only, selling both new and used items. Most sellers are private and very often prices are much cheaper than retailers in Japan. Most sellers will not ship items overseas. FUNASAKA helps to purchase the car you want.

Purchasing Steps

  1. Register your account with FUNASAKA.
  2. Place the require deposit in your account. (We require a deposit of 50,000 JPY when purchasing cars from Yahoo Auction.)
  3. Choose your favorite car from Yahoo Auction. FUNASAKA can translate & ask questions to the seller if you wish before you place a bid. Purchase your favorite car on Yahoo Auction. We provide your own Yahoo ID and you can place your bid anytime by logging onto your account. Yahoo Auction displays the time remaining for bids on your chosen car. It is your responsibility to check this via your account at the close of Auction on your car. You pay within 48 hours of this time. You will also receive an e-mail notice from Yahoo Japan and the seller as soon as the auction is over, telling you that you have placed the winning bid. Please forward these emails to us.
  4. Once we received your funds, we will organise the transport from the seller to a port and make a booking on a ship to your nearest port.
  5. We will e-mail you the departure and estimated arrival dates.
  6. We will post your Bill of Lading to you. The Bill of Lading is a necessary document which you require to receive your car.


Cost of your car plus
  1. Our commission: 30,000 JPY
  2. Cost of transport in Japan: Actual expenses


In inclusion with the above fees FUNASAKA occasionally has to charge extra fees.
Examples of possible extra fees are below.
  1. 5% TAX only if the seller has charged us.
  2. 3% Yahoo Auction fee only if the seller has charged us.
  3. Handling fee only if the seller has charged us.
  4. 30,000 JPY cancellation fee if you cancel your purchase or bid on non-auction cars.
  5. Extra Maintenance fee if your car is not running or leaking oil or petrol,etc.
  6. Non-running cars are charged minimum 50,000 JPY transport fee. Storage fee if you require storage of your car in Japan.



AUDI TT-Coupe 1.8T Quattro LHDAUDI TT-Coupe 1.8T Quattro LHD Volkswagen GOLF 25Jahre LHDVolkswagen GOLF 25Jahre LHD Mercedes Benz SLK230 Kompressor LHDMercedes Benz SLK230 Kompressor LHD AUDI A4 1.8T Quattro LHDAUDI A4 1.8T Quattro LHD